Savannah & Atlanta Georgia

So aside from driving through on I-20 or having a layover in Atlanta’s airport, I’d never visited Georgia before. This was by far one of the best trips I’d taken and I’m so excited to share it with you:)


We left Starkvegas at 6 am headed to GA. I was blessed to have a seat to myself on the bus and believe me when I say I slept the entire ride, I slept better on that bus than I had in my bed the night before. Once we arrived, we got straight to business. The very first place we stopped was Emory University in Atlanta.img_9965 The top priority? Lunch. If you know me, you know I’m a real stickler for good pizza, so of course I had to try Romeo’s NY Pizza (only to be disappointed by the quality). People always say when you go out of town you should try new things. (i.e. don’t get pizza every time you go somewhere Cynda) but I never listen. It’s like I expect phenomenal pizza just because I’m away from home, but in reality I could’ve very well gotten a more enjoyable slice from the Perry.

Going on an architecture field trip, we obviously focused a lot on the architecture of the cities we visited. Emory University’s campus was absolutely beautiful and to be quite frank, it deserved to be. EU’s acceptance rate is 25% and their tuition is nearly $50,000. Like seriously, what do you expect the campus to look like?

We hung around campus for a few hours, did some more walking around and sketching, and soon headed to our hotel to check in and have the evening to ourselves. Of course, this to me meant shopping:) Lenox square was the bomb. My friend Bre and I went to Sprinkles, the famous cupcake place….and I got ice cream. *shrugs* My mom is a baker. Other baked goodies don’t really impress me.

This just about wrapped up our first night in Atlanta. After the mall, I went out with a few other friends and explored the city…(or more like followed Kenzie & Will [who were actually from ATL] around their hometown) A few of the cool spots we hit? Centennial Olympic Park, Sundial, and we walked by some Ferris Wheel.

Day 2, we hit the city forreal this time. We spent our morning on a walking tour and explored a few nearby hotels. The first was the Hyatt Regency. This place had some pretty unique stuff going on. 24 stories of awesome balconies and possibly the fastest elevator I’d ever been on.


Next was the Westin Peachtree Plaza. We couldn’t take pictures inside because of the DNC (Democratic National Convention) but I managed to get one before the guy came and stopped me.

Last but not least, we visited the Marriot Marquis. Beautiful building…like seriously, rib cage resemblance in the structure? The outside wasn’t very intriguing but the inside of the building was very nice. We all know it’s what’s on the inside that matters the most anyway;)

We next traveled to the High Museum of Art, where I took waayyy too many pictures to share them all. So I’ll just show you guys a couple of my favorites pieces of art.

Besides the office tour we did later that evening, this basically concluded the day. The night was nothing spectacular. Just a bunch of Uber rides and a group of 19 year olds getting turned away at the doors of clubs for not being 21. Oh well, #wetried.

Baron and I on our last day in Atlanta 😦
6 am hits on Saturday and we are on the road to Savannah, Ga. Yes, you read that right. 6 am. 3 hours earlier I was sitting in Denny’s eating a late night breakfast, so you can imagine how I felt at 6 the next morning. Not too happy. Savannah was about a 4 hour drive I believe, but don’t quote me on that. And I think I can firmly say I enjoyed Savannah more than Atlanta. If you haven’t been, Savannah is a much smaller city – “town” may actually be the better word. Once in Savannah, we went on another walking tour (definitely got my steps in this weekend). The way the city is set up is every so many blocks there’s a square. I don’t really know how to explain them, so I’ll let a couple photos do it for me:

So they were basically these areas with greenery and some type of memorial (or cenotaph?;)) or fountain in the center.

We also got to see the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. This was probably one of my favorite buildings. We couldn’t go inside because a service was going on, but the outside was beautiful enough to suffice.


Below are just a few of my favorite pics I took while walking through the city.

Ok sooo… Can we please just take a moment to appreciate this art?

Shout out to Tubby’s Seafood, forreal^


For the remainder of Saturday, we visited the SCAD Museum of Art (which I absolutely loved) and then had the evening to ourselves. I also splurged on Saturday: Kate Spade, American Eagle, Hollister, Vineyard Vines… oh and those cute t-shirt shops on River Street? Man, they’ll get you. Splurging on clothes meant budgeting for food… So, in other words – Saturday night I had french fries for supper. But that’s okay – priorities, right? Here are a few shots from SCAD and also a couple from the Jepson Center for the Arts (which we visited Sunday afternoon).


So the Jepson Center was our last stop, and we then had the afternoon to go eat lunch and take in the city of Savannah one last time. I spent my last hour in Savannah sitting  outside of Starbucks sketching. Can’t go wrong with that. 2 o clock rolled around and we were loading up the bus to head out. It was honestly one of the best trips I’d ever taken, and the people I traveled with played a big part in making the trip so awesome. So to you guys, thanks for being….awesome lol. And with that being said, that just about sums up my trip, thanks a million for reading:)

Remember to:

live happy. pray daily. ring cowbells. drink joe.

until next time




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