Grad Caps and Tassels and College, Oh My!

“nothing can stop God’s plan for your life.”

isaiah 14:27

Hey Grads! Wowowowow, congratulations! You’ve finally finished 4 long dreadful years of high school and in no time, you’ll be learning your ways around a new campus – COLLEGE IS SO CLOSE. Excited? Yeah, I was too. I still am. It hasn’t been 3 weeks since school got out and I already miss Starkville. I can’t wait for my sophomore year to begin: new involvement, new major, new opportunities, new friends, etc.

So I understand your excitement!!!!

I’m praying each and every one of you utilize your summer as best as you can. It will fly by quicker than a bat.

(Bats fly by really fast).

But anyway, I have written for you my top 10 things you should do the summer before you start college! So grab a cup of joe, and enjoy!

  1. APPLY FOR S C H O L A R S H I P S !!! Good Lord, I cannot stress this enough. I know scholarships are a pain in the butt, but they are so rewarding. Even if your tuition is paid or you have a full ride, APPLY! Why not? Any money you receive that isn’t needed to pay for school is money in your pocket! Your high school GPA is most likely a lot more beautiful than your freshman college GPA will be. Take my word for it. It’ll be much more difficult to find scholarships later on in the years than it will be your freshman year. So, apply. Now.

….ok not now, but like literally right after you finish reading…

2. Start preparing a nice resume. This is important for several reasons, not just getting a job. Having a resume is good for applying for scholarships and it helps to go ahead and get it squared away before August hits. You’ll continue to use it and update it throughout your college career. Once you get to school, go by the career center and let them take a look at it. They are the geniuses when it comes to resume content and appearance. And trust me – appearance is important. I’ve sat on scholarship committees and looked through hundreds of applications (essays and resumes). If we opened a resume that looked like crap, we instantly gave that scholarship candidate a no. Don’t just stop at the career center. Let your parents look over it. A teacher even. The more, the better.

3. If you haven’t decided on a college, you might want to do that. Hahaha this is just funny to me. But I know someone reading this seriously has no idea where they plan on going to school this fall. Or maybe they have a few choices and can’t decide on one. Well … decide!!! You don’t want to wait until the last minute and have a hard time getting into the classes you need. Lots of things, especially at bigger universities, are first come first serve: like housing and good professors. The sooner you settle on a college and get all your applications in, the better chance you have at getting more choices to choose from.

4. Plan out your schedule. DO NOT, (((I REPEAT!!!))) DO NOT TAKE 8 AMs. This is a death wish. Y’all it is something just evil about them. I use to make it on time for PT in ROTC at 5:45 am, but I swear I could not make it on time to my 8 am for nothing in the world. Please try to avoid them at all costs. As far as organizing your classes, my advice is to plan your classes back to back. I’m not saying go 5 hours straight going to class. I’m saying don’t have 3 hour breaks in between classes. Its honestly a pain (in my opinion and from my experience) to have a class from 9:30-10:45, a class from 11:00-12:15, and then have to wait around until 3:00 for your last class. I use to take a nap break after I got out of class at 10:45, and I didn’t have another class until 2:00. It was SO hard to get back out of bed and go back into the world of college:( I ended up dropping that class because I skipped it so much. LOL. Don’t be like me. Avoid 8 am classes. Take your classes back to back. You’ll be fine.

 5. Go to orientation. Okay so I’m not actually sure how most colleges do orientation, but at State it was in the summer. I didn’t go to orientation so I can’t speak much on it. But it’s where you get advised for your classes, build your schedule, tour campus, get you ID Card made, and much more, like get your hand print scanned at the gym for access. If for some reason you can’t make orientation like I couldn’t, just call your school and get in touch with the office of admissions. Someone will be very happy to walk you through the process of getting everything set up. Just make sure you get your ID made as soon as you get to campus because its likely to be your access to buildings such as your dorm, the cafeterias, and your proof of attendance in class.

6. Check to see if your major has any prerequisites/materials. This may not apply to many of you, but as y’all know my original major was Architecture. Many of my classmates weren’t aware of the list of materials we were suppose to have on the first day of class, and it really set them back. Also, I couldn’t enroll in the School of Arc until I had completed both College Algebra and Trig. Not knowing important things like these can really put you behind. Look into it and see if there are any classes you need to take this summer before you get to school or any specific materials you’ll need before class starts in the fall.

7.  Find a roommate. Random roommates are absolutely fine, but why not at least try to find a roommate you know? The whole “Don’t room with your best friend” thing is a myth. It doesn’t ruin friendships. If anything, it strengthens them (as you can see by all my insta posts of me and Taylor hahah). But yeah, ask your friends if they know anyone going to the school you’re planning to attend. Utilize your resources. You might meet your new best friend, like I did. ~ s/o to u mB ~

8. Dorm shop! One perk of knowing your roommate before hand is being able to shop with them. You get to split the costs of many items. For instance, I brought a Keurig. Taylor brought a futon and the TV. It helps to be able to decide who brings what so you don’t end up with two of the same things. Check with your Housing Department to see what comes in the dorm. For State, each dorm already has a full size fridge and microwave. Make sure you don’t go buy something your dorm already supplies you. I am thinking of making a dorm shopping list of things that we actually needed, so stay tuned for that. Keep an eye out for sales too. Sign up for promotion e-mails and what not. They come in handy.

9. Get a job and save up some money! Yes yes yes yes yes. College is expensive. You’re gonna be paying for everything. Money will disappear so fast LOL. Take advantage of this summer while you have time! College gets hectic and it may be too much to handle classes and a part-time job.

10. Love on your friends and family. You’re about to leave home, for real. Rather it be down the road to a JUCO or to another State college, things are about to be different. Take time to love on your family and friends before you leave, because you’ll miss them once you’re gone.

Those are my top 10 things I advise you to do this summer! I’m praying for you all as you embark on this new journey!

Always remember to:

live happy. pray daily. ring cowbells. drink joe.

Until next time,




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