Yes, My Sister’s An AKA And Yes, I Went KD

Wow, what a semester it’s been.

The last time I posted a blog, I shared my sorority recruitment experience way back in August. Here I am 4 months later out here living my best life: new organizations, 3.4 GPA(compared to my 2.6 last semester), new friends, no money, no job.

Okay, maybe not my best life, but a pretty good one to say the least.

In my last blog post, I don’t think I ever specified but I did go KD (Kappa Delta). Did joining a “white” sorority cause me controversy? No, not at all. But it did cause lots and lots of questions. So this blog is meant to feed the curiosity of those around me. Here are the two questions I got asked most this semester pertaining to “joining a white sorority” and my honest to God answers.


Welllllll, I could start a million places with this one. It was a spontaneous decision. I rushed my sophomore year, so my freshman year I spent a lot of time really just seeing what Greek life was all about. The idea of Rush had never crossed my mind until the spring semester of my freshman year. It was brought up as a joke, but resonated. Not gonna lie, it was a tough decision. A majority of the people I got opinions from encouraged me not to, but I had the support of a solid few – including my sister who, yes, IS an AKA. I think that’s what throws people for the biggest loop. “Your sister’s an AKA and you ….?” Well yeah lol, I did. My family isn’t big on Greekdom. Besides my sister, I have an aunt in a grad chapter of DST, but that’s it. I’m no legacy and I don’t come from one of those families where everyone is a member of D9 (historically black sororities and fraternities). So going KD wasn’t an issue for anyone in my family.

Growing up, I never really thought about going Greek. My sister even gave me a few of those “Future AKA” shirts but I didn’t understand the significance of following your family’s footsteps at the time. So yeah, I guess you can say I “went against the culture”. *shrugs* But the good thing about me is that I refuse to let any Greek letter define who I am. I love KD, but my sorority doesn’t make me. I think people stereotypically believe that any black girl that joins a Panhellenic sorority “acts white” or only associates herself with that one group of people. False. Now I’ll be honest – I’ve come across some black pan girls who have seemed to completely disassociate themselves from the black community on campus. Nothing wrong with that – do you. But I’m not going to sit here and act oblivious to the fact. Going KD, I really wanted to maintain a healthy relationship with both the Black and White communities on State’s campus and I think I did a pretty good job at accomplishing my goal.

So, no. I’m not just “KD”. I’m not just the Student Association or a New Maroon Camp Counselor or a mentor to a freshman. I’m not just an I.D.E.A.L. Woman.

I’m a sister. I’m a friend. I’m a listener and I’m a lover.

And above all, I’m a daughter of the most High.  My worth goes much farther than what my resume says and the letters on my chest – and that’s all that truly matters.

2. Do you regret it?

Not one bit. KD has given me so much this semester and I can’t imagine what the semester would’ve been without it. Now I’ll be honest: Sometimes I do wish I could share Black Twitter jokes with my sisters or run through the house rapping Set It Off. But the girls I have crossed paths with this year have molded me into a better Cynda: an outgoing Cynda, a dancing in public Cynda, and a confident Cynda. (Love in AOT sweeties). I wouldn’t replace them for the world.

Not gonna lie: Probate season did have me feeling some type of way this year. At one point it was so prominent, that I was going to a probate almost every week. I started thinking to myself, Wow is this where I should’ve gone? But the answer came clearly to me: No, I’m where I’m suppose to be. You can’t have everything in life and it’s so easy to want what you see others have. But a little self reflection reminded me of all the goodness that had come from my past decisions and assured me my choice was the best for me.

I’m so happy to have friends that support me and my decisions and I’m proud to support them and theirs. So shout out to my Fall 17 D9 babes:

my sweet irRHOplACEable, I love you and I’m so proud of you.

my love genACEsis, oooo my boy. I love you I love you and I miss you so much.

my besti Virtua11y Pearlfect, girl, love you through thick and thin. thanks for sticking by my side.

And to the Delta Omega Chapter of Kappa Delta Sorority, thank you for making this semester my best semester. It’s only right that I reminisce on some of the best times I’ve had with you:

Bid Day

Image uploaded from iOS (33)

My First Boys Bid Day And Good Ole Sigma Chi

My First Tailgate

Image uploaded from iOS (37)

Big Lil Reveal

Watermelon Fest

Winning Watermelon Fest Queen


Image uploaded from iOS (54)

Making Headquarters and UTees Insta Haha

Our Princess AliviaImage uploaded from iOS (44)

Random Movie Nights 

Image uploaded from iOS (43)

Birthday Shenanigans

Image uploaded from iOS (48)

Semi Formal

New Maroon Camp

Image uploaded from iOS (49)

KD Pancake Late Night

Image uploaded from iOS (52)Image uploaded from iOS (53)

So many memories and not one regret.

Thank you God for giving me a heart that loves all and the patience to show those without why their hearts should love all too.

As always,

live happy. pray daily. ring cowbells. drink joe.

until next time (+with love in aot)



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