Yes, My Sister’s An AKA And Yes, I Went KD

"And above all, I'm a daughter of the most High.  My worth goes much farther than what my resume says and the letters I wear on my chest - and that's all that truly matters."


Sorority Recruitment Through Teary Eyes

When I signed up for Panhellenic Recruitment, I had one house in mind - just like every other girl who didn't listen. I had decided that if at any point that house dropped me, then I would drop from Rush, and participate in the NPHC recruitment (the historically black sororities). No, I didn't "choose the … Continue reading Sorority Recruitment Through Teary Eyes

Grad Caps and Tassels and College, Oh My!

"nothing can stop God's plan for your life." isaiah 14:27 Hey Grads! Wowowowow, congratulations! You've finally finished 4 long dreadful years of high school and in no time, you'll be learning your ways around a new campus - COLLEGE IS SO CLOSE. Excited? Yeah, I was too. I still am. It hasn't been 3 weeks … Continue reading Grad Caps and Tassels and College, Oh My!